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We provide integral solutions with value added for the wiring and the interconnection of communication and alert networks.
We offer to post-sales service pre and, with fast and precise deliveries with technical attendance to the client. We distribute, an ample variety of products for the sector of communications, structured wiring, complementary solutions of physical security and products for these facilities.

COMPUTER SCIENCE AND NETWORKS Cables of twisted pairs (UTP and STp) UTP 5e UTP6 and necessary accessories as: connectors, plugs, patch panel and active components as hubs, switches and routers

OPTICAL FIBERS For Internal and External facilities, Navies or no, multiway and monoway. Cables type: Loose Tube, Tight Buffered, Figure 8, Mini Bundle, LSOH (low smock Zero Halogen) and all the accessories of connection and hardware for the network. You cut optical fiber in accordance with

COAXIAL Cables for all application, from those of commercial use type RG/U to those of specific use for TV by cable (CATV), plenum and military use.

THERMOCOUPLES OR THERMOCOUPLES Cables for use in great variety of applications with enmesh of fiber glass, armored, with reinforcements Kapton, FEP, Silicone, LSOH.

MARINE Cables for use in boats with American and European norms with protection of enmesh of aluminum, bronze or galvanized steel. Cables use to militate following specifications of North American navy MIL-C 24640/cs 85045/-c-915.

AUTOMOTIVE Cords and cables from the simplest isolations in the most complex PVC to in teflon, radiated polyolefin, TPE and others.

ARMED Generally to a complete line of cables of energy, control of instrumentation with armor type interlocked” (aluminum sealed type CCW for classified areas; ” Norteck (UL/USA), Teck 90, threads or cable type “ribbon” of galvanized steel or with protections type “Zetabon”.

CIVIL CONSTRUCTION Cables and wires for general use following the local norms for the tension class. Drivers with flexibility varied.

ENERGY: LOW, AVERAGE AND OF HIGH VOLTAGE Cables of power with drivers of copper or aluminum, isolated in PVC, PET, EPR or XLPE with levels of tension of 600 35 volts to Kv. Cables with thread shield. Monopole and multi-polar cables with simple or compound covers.

MINES Cables W type, G, G-GC, SHD-GC, MP-GC for the movable use in mines. Simple or multiconductive cables in versions 2redondo” or “plane” with compound cover of “heavy metal duty” or “extra heavy metal duty”.

HIGH TEMPERATURE From 125ºC to 500ºC different isolations: rubber of silicone, teflon, tefzel, ceramics and mica. Simple or multiconductive drivers.

LOCOMOTIVES AND RAILWAY SIGNALING Cables for Control and signaling of iron lines

ELEVATING Cables for elevators of loss, average and high speed, round or flat

CRANES Cables for porches, cranes, cranes of porches, similar cranes of containers and equipment type: “festoon “and “Cordaflex” (it includes cables with optical fiber for movable use)

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