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In this brief tutorial we are going it to orient in as forming the manager of Eudora mail in its version 7, we showed to him step by step in a form to setear its accounts of e-mail, of visual way so that You can of intuitive way carry out this task, that consists of very few steps.

Step 1 - once opened the application in the main menu we chose Tools - > Options…

Step 2 - In the graphic menu of the following screen we chose Getting Started. In this step the fields with the data would fill that obtained when creating the account in our Control Panel.

In this step it is come to form the names of the servers of incoming mail POP3 or IMAP and the servant of salient mail smtp. In all the cases always they are going to be for incoming mail either POP3 or IMAP and, optionally could use either in fields

Passing to the graphical menu Checking Mail the program can form each how long is going away to connect the servant of incoming mail and to unload new messages, if there were them. The option is for Check mail every…

In this step it is come to select the protocol that is going away to use in the communication with its servant of incoming mail, is possible to emphasize that there is but of a protocol and Ustede it will have to select the one that but agrees to him. In the figure that follows is the selection of protocol POP3. Our servers support in addition the option to form their account of mail under protocol IMAP.

As it were possible to be appreciated at no moment asked for the password, this step is realised once finalized the configuration of the e-mail account, in the first control of the account, when trying to connect itself to the servant is asked for to him that it enters it and if You wish it that this data is remembered branding the square of Remember verification password .....

With this few steps you will have seteada his new account of e-mail in a few minutes and simple way.

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