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Comfigurar Mocrosoft outlook 2003
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In this brief tutorial we are going it to orient in as forming the manager of mail Microsoft Outlook 2003, in previous versions the steps are very similar, we showed to him step by step in a form to setear its accounts of e-mail, of visual way so that You can of intuitive way realizr this task, that consists of very few steps.

Step 1 - Once opened to the program in its main menu dirijimos us to the Heramientas menu - > Cuentas of e-mail…

Step 2 - In the following window it is come to select the option To add a new account of e-mail and we come to clickear the following button.

Step 3 - In this step it is come to select the protocol that is going away to use in the communication with its servant of incoming mail, is possible to emphasize that there is but of a protocol and You will have to select the one that but agrees to him. In the figure that follows is the selection of protocol POP3.
Our servers support in addition the option to form their account of mail under protocol IMAP.

Step 4 - In this point program solicits him that name enters, that is going to be the one that is when another person receives her messages, this is a camouflage way, since its account in the receiver is going to be seen as this name. A placed a time the name to show by the account, is come to indicate the email address who is going away to form, here puts the complete name of the account as the figure shows it.
In this same step it is come to form the names of the servers of incoming mail POP3 or IMAP and the servant of salient mail smtp. In all the cases always they are going to be for incoming mail either POP3 or IMAP and, optionally could use either in fields
You will have to enter the name of user of the account to create that it is the name of his account of complete e-mail and the corresponding password, these data obtained them when I am created the mail account. Whenever its key does not remember can, from our Control Panel to assign a new password to him, without needing remembering the previous one. As it is possible to be observed is in this step where the total configuration of the account is realised almost.

Step 5 - Before continuing, we are going to clickear the button More configurations…, in this window, the General lapel, which is realised is to mark the account with a name but intuitive for You, and you can recognize it more quickly, in the case of having but of an account formed in its manager of mail.

We come to put a name to him with which we can locate the mail account more quickly, this name is only intuitive and only to informative way.

Step 6 - Now we went to the lapel Servant of exit and in this point which is realised it is to mark to the square of verification My servant of exit (SMTP) requires authentication where the program allows us to use same the data already entered for the authentication against the servers of incoming and salient mail.

Step 7 - in this step the account correctly was already formed and it is come to finalize

With this few steps you will have seteada his new account of e-mail in a few minutes and simple way.
In case their version of Microsoft Outlook 2003 this in English language, all the screens and the steps is the same and do not vary.


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