Developments and Design to size: We design his site or its application Web.
RadioOnline Service of Bradcasting for its plan, radio station by schedule and amount of listeners.
Mailing: Service of shipments of newsletters and or new features for its site.
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The Technical department of HostCero at the moment provides support and solutions to the area with IT of its company, counting on personnel enabled in the used technologies and platforms and in constant qualification. Between the tasks developed by the Technical Department, we can emphasize the following.

Laboratory: We count on an own laboratory, highly equipped. In the same we realised repairs of hardware, software and electronics associated with microinformatics as much. We offer a diagnosis in a maximum period of 48 Hours. All Our repairs are guaranteed.

Consultancy: We offer to advising and consultancy in everything what respecta to development and implementation, including:
· Relief and analysis.
· Advising on different solutions.
· Coordination and supervision of projects.
· Implementation, configuration and beginning.
· Audit of computer science Security.
· Development of applications and solutions of Software.

Support On-Site and Remoto: Our establishment of technicians realises repairs and offers On-Site support including:
· Server: Novell platforms
®, Microsoft
®and Linux.
· Workstations: hardware and software.
· Printers: maintenance and repair.
· Hardware: installation and configuration.
· Communications: switches, routers, firewalls.
· Preventive maintenances and corrective (Installments).
· Cover 7x24, with service of guards.

· Remote support.

· Monitoring of Networks and Servers.
Table of aid: The table service of aid (Helpdesk), consists of the tercerización of the technical support to users. For this, we provide a complete infrastructure with support, including the telephone attention to users and dedicated technicians; allowing the IT personnel to separate of the attention to the usuary interns. Through the new IP/VoIP technologies we can as much offer to these services onsite as in remote form from ours call to center.

We offered the possibility him of attending it and of advising it with respect to the type installation that it requires according to its needs: From the relief, to the elaboration of the project and consultation on the present standards in data communications.

We diagnose its telephony and data network determining faults and possibilities of expansion of the same.
Facilities: We own very good knowledge and an ample experience in the different technologies that are used in the today networks. Among them:
· Civil work design and Implementation for computer centers.
· Structured wirings Category 5 and 6.
· Laying and conectorización of Optical fiber by Fusion.
· Repair of Optical fiber wirings.
· Armed and conectorización of racks of communications.
· Wirings of Telephony, laying of multipairs.
· Installation of telephone exchanges.
· Installation of stabilizers of tension and UPS.
· Laying of tension networks. stabilized for computer science equipment and computer centers.

· Systems of fire detection.

· Control, security systems, and atmosphere monitoring.

Certification of networks with search and analysis of problems: We own Fluke instruments as much for the certification of copper wirings as in fiber and ample experience in search and repair of networks.
Security: We realise security audits in servers and networks, design and installation of security solutions.
· Audits in networks and servers already installed.
· Installation of Firewall/Anti-virus/Anti-malware/AntiSpam.
· Control of navigation and other services.
· IDSs intrussion detection systems, NIDS, etc.

· Security and physical monitoring.

· Systems of monitoring and alarm.
Networks WI- Fi and inhalámbricas. We install networks, points of access and backup of connections in technologies GSM and WI- Fi. as much for data or Voice and putting always special attention in the security of these connections. Offering to the last solutions in this type of technology the best advising and service pre and post sale”.