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The service of shipment of newsletters that we offer this directed to people and companies who wish a serious and effective solution for their shipments and who simultaneously assume a commitment with each of their subscribers obtaining therefore a high effectiveness in the reception without generating problems to their subscribers.

The proposed system allows the subscription and desuscripción via form Web as thus it incorporates tags within the sent mail to allow with a simple click the desuscripción of the list of newsletters.

The shipments are realised properly with servers formed for a great traffic of mail and registries SPF are used to validate them within the domain that signed the mail, within you practice them of shipments is also commited to sign the mail with one whichever real one.

Registries SPF are loaded within the zone of dns of the site of the client or of the domain that signed the mail if the client or his supplier does not have this possibility the domain will be due to provide with accomodations father of newsletter in our servers to offer the registries correctly and thus to obtain a high rate of delivery and reading of the post office mainly to massive servers as hotmail*, yahoo* or gmail*

Bought bases are not admitted nor are commercialized the same, are only realised shipments to bases generated by the client. The system anticipates the import of these bases to the application Web used for the shipment.

The system is priced through the accounting of the amount of mails sent. Monthly information of mails sent and bankrupts are given.

Before any doubt email can ask for support communicating to telephone 45714558 or via mail to [protected]


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