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1- As entrance Control Panel if the domain not this delegate?

You can enter his Control Panel from the following URL: :
http://200.89.183.xxx:81/local-cgi/panel.pl where xxx are I number IP of the servant where its site is lodged

2- How I can know the space that I have used until the moment?

When loguear itself to our Control Panel, first pagin that is a summary of the state of utilizcion of its plan, in this page you you will be able to see the space used in disc, amount of mail accounts, data bases, to autorresponder and accounts FTP. This nformacion this the link of General the main menu.

3- How I can accede to the webmail, and other aplicativos?

In order to accede to the webmail, to filemanager and phpmyadmin it can realise it from the Control Panel in the item of the primcipal menu Alpicativos, if you are not logueado within the Control Panel can do it from http://200.89.183.xxx/APLICACION where xxx are the nuemero corresponding to the servant where ostea its website and Application are one of the different applications to autilizar.

4- That he is and as a Tarea Programada is used?

The Cron is a tool that allows to program tasks so that are realised at a certain time, either daily, weekly or monthly.
There is six fields, each separated one by a space.
The first five fields specify exactly when the commando must be executed; the sixth field is the commando itself.
The first five fields are:
minute hour day month week commando
Minutes after the hour (0-59).
Hour - format of 24 hours (0-23).
Day - day of the month (1-31).
Month - month of the year (1-12).
Workable day - day of the week. (0-6; the 0 refers to Sunday).
The asterisks (*) specify when the commandos must be executed in each case according to the value of the field. For example, an asterisk in the field of the month would mean that the commando is due to execute every month.

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5- That it means the option Setear MAILTO: of the Control Panel in the menu of Tarea Programadas?

The option of Setear MAILTO: it makes possible to him that the system whenever executes cron (Programmed task) sends an email to him warning that the task I execute myself. It remembers that it is not advised to setear this option if you create a task with all the options with * (asterisk) since its square flooded side of messages of the system letting know itself that the task I execute myself.

6- So that it serves the option as the menu of aceso prevailed?

With this option of the Control Panel you prodra to protect its directories, being allowed to create users for the access to the same, where each user tendran that to count on name of user and password to accede to restricted content. It is not necessary that they create but of a user by directory, since the access is to the same content.

7- How I form my account of mail in outlook and what data I use?

The data of the mail account are those that are printed once by finalized screen to creation of the mail account. In all the cases ALWAYS the mail servers are going to be:
for the incoming mail or pop3: pop3.NOMBREDELDOMINIO (*)
for the salient mail or smtp: smtp.NOMBREDELDOMINIO (*)
or he can use in both mail.NOMBREDELDOMINIO (*)

* NOMBREDELDOMINIO is their registered domain.

It can see a small tutorial of how comofigurar the account in his Outlook Express here.
It can see a small tutorial of how comofigurar the account in his Microsoft Outlook 2003 here.
It can see a small tutorial of how comofigurar the account in his Eudora here.
It can see a small tutorial of how comofigurar the account in his here thunderbird.

8- How I form a form Web for shipment of messages?

From our Control Panel You must setear by only time the FormMail.cgi. When forming the FormMail a series of variables is presetean that are those that is needed to send the forms by email electronic to their account. Several different forms with distindos data can be formed to each other. You must customizar the fields of the form to his necessity respecting the names of the hidden fields. The FormMail.cgi will accept only accounts of domains lodged in our servers; this is thus by security questions and to avoid the abuse of the form; once formed it is not necessary to return to generate it, just by to create the HTML with the fields that needs and to respect the hidden fields already (they hidden) is sufficient, since the FormMail is apt to send mail to him to anyone of its accounts. In the case of wanting to receive the data in some external account to his domain, it can use the option of forwarding of our Control Panel. The Form can be lodged in any folder of the site. Next we showed an example of with will see its form once preseteado Web.

<input they type=hidden name= " recipient” value=[email protected] “>
The field recipient is the square of destiny of the message.
they type=hidden name= " subject” value= " Form Web " >
The field subject is asundo of the sent message, by means of this field You you can difrenciar quickly of which form is the message.
they type=hidden name= " redirect” value= " http://www.reliable-hosts.com/gracias.htm " >
The field redirect indicates the complete URL to which sera redirigido the user once sent the form. Generally this page sera one páginade gratefulness and inquires to him to the user who the message was sent successfully.
they type=hidden name= " required” value= " email, realname, telephone " >
The field required indicates as fields of the form Web are obligatory, if some of these fields is not completed, inquires to him to the user who must fill up it and the message is not sent.
they type=hidden name= " sort” value= " to order: realname, email, telephone, direction, Contact, Heading " >
The field sort is used to indicate the order in which is wanted to receive the information of the form. Optionally podria to be used the following syntax to receive in sequence alphabetical information:
they type=hidden name= " sort” value= " alphabetic " >. If this field does not include the order that takes sera the order in which they are in the form.
they type=hidden name= " missing_fields_redirect” value= " http://www.reliable-hosts.com " >
The field missing_fields_redirect indicates to him to that URL sera sent in case of not loading some required data, this allows him to personalize the error, if this field is omitted the error message will be the own one of the FormMail.cgi.

Before any doubt email can ask for support communicating to telephone 45714558 or via mail to [protected]

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