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PHP is an interpreted programming language, designed originally for the creation of dynamic webpages. It is used mainly in interpretation of the side of the servant (server-side scripting) but at the moment can be used from an interface of line of commandos or in the creation of other types of programs including applications with graphical interface using libraries Qt or GTK+.

PHP is a recursivo acronym that means PHP Pre-processor Hypertext (initially PHP Tools, or, Personnel Tools Home Page). It was created originally by Rasmus Lerdof in 1994; nevertheless the main implementation of PHP is produced now by The PHP Group and serves as the standard de facto for PHP to not having a formal specification. Published under the PHP License, Free Software Foundation considers this license as free software, and you can try it with cheapest unlimited web hosting you can fins in the market.

PHP is an interpretive language of general intention widely used and that is especially designed for development Web and can be absorbed within code HTML. Is executed generally in a Web server, taking the code in PHP as its entrance and creating webpages as exit. Can be unfolded in the majority of the Web servers and in almost all the operating systems and platforms without cost some. PHP is installed in more than 20 million websites and in a million servers, although the number of sites in PHP has declined from August of 2005. It is also the module more popular Apache between the computers that use Apache as Web server. The most recent main version of the PHP was version 5.2.6 of 1 of May of 2008.

To force the unloading of a file with PHP

If they put a connected file, the navigator opens it generally automatically, as long as the type has supported itself PAMPERS of the file (as they can be the pdf or the images).
With this script we can force the unloading of these archives using PHP.

Supposing that we create a file llamdo descargar.php with the following code:

<? php

$id = $_REQUEST [‘you go’];
/* ALWAYS is necessary to ralizar l avalidaciones of the case, the entrances of users simepre are dangerous and is necessary to realise certain controls of security so that they do not try aprovecharce of ours script

$extensiones = Array (“jpg”, “png”, “swf”, “pdf”);
/* verifies that the file that is tried to unload does not contain
*/since of being therefore estaria being to accede to some directory
if (strpos ($id, “/”)! ==false) \ {
die (“Violation of security is not allowed to use/for the unloading of archives! ”);
/* Rompemos the chain in the point to obtain the extención of the file and to verify if it is worth *
$tmp = explode (“. ”, $id);

/* Usamos count to count the amount of elements that contains the Array
* the -1 is used ($tmp) since arrary begins in index 0
if (! in_array ($tmp [count ($tmp) - 1], $extensiones))\ {
die (“<b>ERROR! </b> invalid File. It is not possible to unload $id”);

to $dir = $path_to_documentos. “/”. $id;
to header (“Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”. $id. “\ n \ n”);
to header (“Content-Type: application/octet-stream”);
to header (“Content-Length: ” .filesize (to $dir));
readfile (to $dir);

the realizaria call of the following way:

descargar.php? id=documento.pdf

this way the unloading of any type of file can be implemented that the navigator tried to open with the associate application, and you dont need to worry you are protected with our dedicated server ip


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