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 Plans of Hosting
Developer guaranteed CPU and resources
10 Sites Including.
 Monthly cost $0.0 $60 $85 $120 $200 $150 *
 Number of Domains 1 1 1 1 2 10
 Disc space 5GB. 15GB. 50GB. 120GB. 150GB. 10 GB.x domain.
 # Redirections 3 1 3 5 20 4 by domain
 # Park of domains 6 2 6 10 40 8 by domain
 Subdominios ilimit. limitless limitless limitless limitless limitless
 # Cuentas POP3 ilimitad. 250 limitless limitless limitless limitless
 # e-mail Alias ilimitad. 150 limitless limitless limitless limitless
 Monthly traffic 12Gb 15Gb. 50Gb. 120Gb. 150Gb. 50 GB x domain 
 Extra # FTP   6 25 30 90 20 by domain
 AWstats statistics if yes yes yes yes yes
 MySQL (# of bases) 3 0 20 40 100 20 by domain
 # Usuary MySQL 3 0 20 40 100 20 by domain
 # Bases PostgreSQL no no no if if no
 PHP5 if if if if if if
 PERL5/cgi/SSI if if if if if if
 Acesso SSH if if if if if if
 Control Panel if if if if if if
 Anti-virus/Spam if if if if if if
Important: the prices of this table do not include IVA

The plans to reseller

they have after the tenth domain pay to each 1 site at the rate of 15,0 xs additional site, from site 20 is discounts x amount. 15% from 20 to 50, 25% from 50 to 100 sites and of 35% for but of 100 sites.

The indicated price is by semester payment by annual payment 1 month additional on watch and 10% of surcharge by quarterly payment.

Other Plans.

By annual payment: 2 month free (paying 12 months, 13 and 14 are discounted)
Presenting a client: It discounts equal value of discount that the first purchase of that new client in (monthly value).
By change of supplier towards us presenting previous invoice: 2 months free with the installment of the first invoice
Plans NGO free with interchange of banners with Reliable Hosts in space designated by the client.

Necessary data for the registry and delegation of names of domains to our servers.
These data correspond to the Organization Administrator and Technical Contact of the names of dominos.
These Data are not for the Organization Registrante and Responsible Persona
In siguinte URL Guía of the Applicant will be able to read

Primary DNS
Direction IP:

Secondary DNS
Direction IP:

In some cases when responding the messages sent by, usually happen that the messages of the proceedings come rejected.
In this link (to can see the way to form the different managers from e-mail, to be able to realise the proceeding without disadvantages.

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