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The service of Housing/Colocation or lodging of servers, allows him to lodge one or several servers who you own in the facilities of HostCero. This form it will be able to enjoy advantages as:
  • Majors savings of personnel and hardware.
  • To dedicate itself to its main business.
  • To lodge its servers in optimal conditions.
Facilities of the Housing de HostCero:
  • Great scalability of the service.
  • Absolute confidentiality.
  • Total control on its servant.
  • 99,9% uptime guaranteed.

The cost of a Housing is divided in two parts: first, it is the space rent that will in center occupy the servant or servers of Data, and second, the consumption of bandwidth that is desired to contract for the servers.

Additional services:

  • Complete administration Servant
  • Manos Remotas service.
  • Audits of Security.
  • Service of Additional Backup in bookstore of HostCero.
  • Monitoring and SMS alert
  • Professional services of consultancy
  • Installation of Applications
  • Tunning of database engines.
  • Tunning of consultations SQL
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